About Archangel

Archangel ensures the safety, security and protection of high profile individuals, businesses, energy resources, the environment, and infrastructures throughout the world.

In today’s society, there is an increase in war, rumors of war, threats and acts of terrorism, division amongst governments & their parties, religious fanaticism, diminishing relations between foreign states, and natural disasters worldwide. Overall, Archangel provides the solutions that advance the safety, security, and protection in any situation within our global society.

Our team includes professionals specifically trained and qualified to meet your safety, security and protection needs. This includes members of rigorous and highly selective US Special Operations Command programs throughout all levels, personnel with backgrounds in agencies to include DHS, FBI and others; with unmatched practical hands-on experience and insight. Our commitment to you is the direct application of these unique skills for your specific needs, to exceed your expectations and to counter threats with tip of the spear resolve.